Spare Me Definition

SPARE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

spare definition: 1. If something is spare, it is available to use because it is extra: 2. time when you are not…. Learn more.

Blush - definition of blush by The Free Dictionary

blush (blŭsh) intr.v. blushed, blush·ing, blush·es 1. To become red in the face, especially from modesty, embarrassment, or shame; flush. 2. To become red or rosy. 3. To feel embarrassed or ashamed: blushed at his own audacity. n. 1. A reddening of the face, especially from modesty, embarrassment, or shame. 2. A red or rosy color: the blush of dawn ...

EFFORT | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

effort meaning: 1. physical or mental activity needed to achieve something: 2. the result of an attempt to produce…. Learn more.

Hobby | Definition of Hobby at Dictionary

Hobby definition, an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation: Her hobbies include stamp-collecting and woodcarving. See more.

Accounting Treatment of Spare Parts - Capital Spares

Nov 20, 2017· accounting treatment of spare parts: Treatment of spare parts shall be done in accordance with the prevailing applicable provisions of Accounting Standards as prescribed from time to time. Spare Parts should be treated as per the definition and recognition criteria mentioned in Accounting Standard or Indian Accounting Standard.

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spare_2 verb - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and ...

spare somebody/yourself something He wanted to spare his mother any anxiety. Please spare me (= do not tell me) the gruesome details. You could have spared yourself an unnecessary trip by phoning in advance. spare somebody/yourself from something She was spared from the ordeal of …

Lean | Definition of Lean by Merriam-Webster

Lean definition is - to incline, deviate, or bend from a vertical position. How to use lean in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of lean.

Gif | Definition of Gif at Dictionary

Gif definition, a set of standards and file format for storage of digital color images and short animations. See more.

Spare | Definition of Spare by Merriam-Webster

Spare definition is - not being used; especially : held for emergency use. How to use spare in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of spare.