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Dryer vent cleaning by Sears Professional dryer duct cleaning from Sears can help your dryer work at peak efficiency, which can save money on energy bills. A clean dryer duct also makes your home safer by helping prevent dryer fires—and, for gas dryers, by helping prevent carbon monoxide from escaping from the duct into the home.

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Cleaning dryer vents effectively requires knowledge and the right tools. Once on the job, your Sears dryer vent specialist will inspect the system to determine the severity of the lint build up. Using high-pressure air and vacuum, the technician will clean the entire length of your dryer duct.

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Although this range includes most common appliance problems, there are several factors that may affect the total. If the unit is more than 10 years old, runs on natural gas or cost $5,000 when you bought it new, you''ll probably need more money to fix it. Here''s what you can expect to pay based on the machine and other considerations.

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Oct 21, 2020· A less-than-clean home can cost you thousands off the sale price or completely turn away potential buyers. In fact, according to our survey of over 900 top-selling real estate agents across the country, a deep clean alone can add nearly $2,000 in resale value.. A messy house is a red flag for many buyers, who''ll suspect repair problems lurking beneath the dirt.

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Nov 17, 2011· I like them both very much. The work well and are portable. For my wants, the washer is a bit too small. The "dryer" is just the right size, and will hold about 1 1/2 loads of the washer. I wish the washer was a bit bigger to match! The "dryer" doesn''t actually dry clothing with heat.

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How much ductwork should cost. Average costs and comments from CostHelper''s team of professional journalists and community of users. Replacing aging, leaking or inadequate ductwork typically costs about $35-$55 a linear foot for labor and materials, or $1,000-$5,000 or more for a single-family home, depending on the length and type of ducts used (sheet metal, fiberduct or round flexible ...

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These dryer maintenance tips will help save money on utility bills, save time and energy, prevent fires, and extend the life of your dryer.. 1. Clean the exhaust vent every two years. This is the most important thing to do to maintain your dryer and help prevent fires, says Michelle Maughan, dryer expert at Sears.

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Appliance Cleaning and Maintenance: What to expect. When you schedule a Clean and Maintain appointment with Sears Home Services, your expert appliance technician will give your kitchen or laundry appliances a detailed inspection and will clean internal components. Your washing machine maintenance includes a detailed 18-point inspection featuring:

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Use this 29-50 in. metal dryer vent periscope for a tight 2-1/2 in. clearance. One male snap-lock fitting and one extra long draw-band collar are included. Beveled ends eliminate interference with floors

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May 20, 2013· After cleaning the ice out again I pulled it out from the wall and took out the ''duck bill'' valve, or rubber nipple, and it was clogged with dog hair. Yes I have two dogs. I cleaned it out and cleaned the fan blades and everything else I could find. Works great now. And it''s quieter too. That''s from cleaning the fan blades.

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cleaning solvents, other flammable, or explosive substances as they give off vapors that could ignite or explode. • Do not allow children to play on or in the dryer. Close supervision of children is necessary when the dryer is used near children. • Before the dryer is removed from service or discarded, remove the door to the drying compartment.

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Don''t want to spend too much on a clothes dryer? Take a look at our list. We rounded up the best cheap dryers from Amana, Whirlpool, GE, Samsung, LG, and more. Our picks include electric and gas dryers under $600 and slightly pricier mega-capacity and smart dryers. There''s even a compact dryer for small homes and RVs.

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The laundry room is unfinished so the pipes and current vents are exposed and easy to access. The new location is 1 floor up and about 8 ft over. The vent would go straight outside the wall behind the dryer. ... Sears Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning - Rip Off Paid: 1500.00 I''ve lived in my house for over 10 years and decided to have the air ...

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Kenmore clothes dryers are well known for their reliability. But any appliance—including a Kenmore dryer—can sometimes break down or stop working. If you need to replace a part on a Kenmore dryer, Sears PartsDirect has thousands of Kenmore dryer parts—from lint screens, dryer door parts and felt seals to belts, heating elements and exhaust vents.

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Say Goodbye to Dust & Dander. Get rid of pet hair, dust, allergens and more with the Kenmore Elite pet-friendly bagged upright vacuum. After sweeping through the house with is easy-to-use vacuum, you can take a deep breath of fresh air.

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Air Duct Cleaning Cost. The average house in the US is 2,400 square feet and has an average of ten rooms or hallways to cool. At an average cleaning cost of $35 per air duct, most homeowners pay around $350 to clean theirs, with homeowners with a larger-than-average home paying as much as $1,000 per heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit.

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Sears PartsDirect has Whirlpool refrigerator WRF535SWHZ parts you need to fix any type of failure. Whether you need new shelves, a crisper drawer or a door handle, Sears PartsDirect has the Whirlpool refrigerator model WRF535SWHZ parts you need to fix the problem. We also have replacement parts for many other Whirlpool refrigerator models.

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Apr 23, 2021· Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost Per Foot . Having a dryer vent cleaned costs homeowners $90 to $160 per hour, with most contractors covering around 15 feet of duct in one hour, making the cost to clean a foot of dryer vent duct $6 to $11.The exact cost is determined by who does the job, the location of the vent, the size, number of 90-degree turns, and the extent of cleaning needed.

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Dec 23, 2015· The red grid lights in my Samsung dryer purchased in 2017 is flashing. When I start a cycle, the actual time-counter works..however, the drum does not rotate and the dryer does not dry/heat. I have cleaned the vents, cleaned the filter.. and still the same problem is there! The model @ is DV50KB600E. Can you please help?

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Sears Has Earned the American Pet Association''s 5-Star Approval. We love pets and we have 5 Stars to prove it. Sears is the only 5 Star American Pet Association approved Carpet, Air Duct and Upholstery Cleaning company in the United States. We know pets can be messy and your four-legged family members deserve processes that are designed around their well-being and safety.